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Greed motive in savage murder
- Elderly was killed for phone, say cops

Bokaro Sector IV resident Bindu Pandey was brutally killed for a mobile phone, police said on Thursday after one of the junkies picked up from a slum near her house confessed to the crime said to be committed in drunken stupor.

Krishna Behra (22) was apparently fascinated by the 62-year-old woman’s not-so-high-end handset and tailed her from the religious function she was attending on Saturday night. The elderly was found stripped and grievously wounded in her private parts a stone’s throw from her home on Sunday.

Behra, who makes a living as the cleaner of a trekker and has been on drugs for half a decade, was detained with a few others of Jhoparpatti near Hari Mandir in Sector IV on Wednesday.

According to SP Kuldip Dwivedi, Behra succumbed to intense grilling. He told police that he followed Pandey after he saw her talking on her mobile phone. “The motive was robbing her. But, when she died resisting the attempt, he stripped her naked and bit her to make it look like an animal attack,” he said.

Dwivedi added that the youth took away two gold finger rings and a pair of payals, besides the cellphone. “The rings and the phone were found in a bush in Sector I after Behra’s arrest.”

On why a man who just wanted to snatch a phone would sexually assault an old lady, the SP reasoned that Behra was not in his right senses and had made a miserable attempt at decoy.

“He had attacked Bindu Pandey when she had almost reached home. He dragged her out of the veranda. She had fought back, holding onto his collar and screaming for help. But, it was the wee hours and nobody came to her rescue. He bit her and undressed her to give the incident a different colour. He dumped the body a few yards away in a bush,” Dwivedi said.

“He murdered just for greed. The case has been cracked,” he added.

The police version contradicts the post-mortem report, which said that Pandey died after she was assaulted, stripped naked and impaled with rods in her private parts.

The forensic report also hints at involvement of at least three persons in the savagery. That Behra alone did not attack Pandey may be a more likely theory because he is visibly too frail to overpower and drag a woman weighing much more than him from the veranda of her house to an isolated spot almost 300 metres away.