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Peacock: I want to be reborn as a peacock because the bird is very beautiful and I love it. His wings are gorgeous. I like birds, which cannot fly high because if we release them, they take flight. The peacock cannot soar high. Children love the bird and I want to be loved in the same manner.

Abdul Ahad
Class III
Don Bosco Primary School

White kitten: I want to be a white kitten in my next birth. I find kittens very cute because they have soft and silky fur. I also like the way they mew. Anyone can play with the animal. I love to hold them in my hands.

Juveriah Raza Khan
Montessori III
Notre Dame Academy

Blue parrot: I want to be born as a blue parrot because the bird can talk like a human being. It cannot fly but walks very fast. No one will be able to hold on to me because I shall move very fast.

Abdul Wahab
Class II
Don Bosco Primary School

Koel: The bird sings very well. I simply love its voice. I want to be a koel and sing for others. People would be enchanted with my singing.

Class II
Notre Dame Academy

Dragon: I want to be a dragon. It can fly and is very powerful as well. I will scare those who try to irritate me. However, I will help people who are good to me.

Ahmed Raza Khan
Class II
Delhi Public School

Rabbit: My grandpa calls me rabbit because I cannot keep still. The rabbit runs fast and I want to sprint like the animal. If I take birth as a rabbit, I would be able to play in open fields.

Yashvardhan Singh
Class III
Don Bosco Primary School

Penguin: I like the colour of its body black and white. The bird walks upright like a human being. I would love to be a penguin.

Shreya Shree Adhikary
Class I
Don Bosco Primary School

Sparrow: The bird has gorgeous feathers. I love the way it nibbles at grains. A sparrow has lots of friends just like I have and like that.

Samita Sen
Class III
Don Bosco Primary School

Butterfly: I want be reborn as a butterfly because it is colourful. I want to fly like the insect and experience how it feels to glide through the air.

Palak Fitkiriwala
Upper KG
Mary Ward Kindergarten

Lion: I would like to be the king of the jungle. I want to rule the world. I like his fur and the way he roars.

Class II
Delhi Public School


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