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You, dear reader, submitted over 2,000 photographs capturing the unputdownable spirit of Calcutta for The Telegraph Panorama 30, presented by Nokia 808 PureView as part of the TT30 celebrations. Here’s a sample of our city through your lens...   | Read..

‘Illegal’ encounter

Three-and-a-half years ago, Rubel Ahmed from Bangladesh went to the UK on a tourist visa. Once there, he started working i...   | Read..

Write from a bug-eyed point of view

Dr Behram Dhongy looks scary, he’s huge and has big, round eyes, just like a bug! That’s how the name of the book came. Ju...   | Read..

Birth of a city

The tercentenary of Calcutta was celebrated on August 24, 1990, as that was the day when Job Charnock disembarked from his sl...   | Read..

Next weekend you can be at ... Debkunda

Debkunda is a hamlet perched on a hilltop and boasts a waterfall and a lake, considered sacred by the local people....   | Read..
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