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After about two decades of scorching the ramp and grooming many aspiring models for pageants (read Sananda Tilottama, Sananda Srimati, Ford Supermodel and Elite), Nayanika Chatterjee is all set to start her own school — Nayanika Chatterjee Grooming Academy — in Delhi. And it is exclusively for girls! “Men are a necessary evil!” smiled the Bong beauty. A t2 chat…

Why the sudden decision to start a grooming school? Are you quitting modelling?

I am not going to quit. The thing is, I found that when you don’t do fashion weeks… and I have decided not to do fashion weeks… standalone shows are very few. I was getting very bored sitting at home. It’s great to look after your kid but what do you do when your kid goes to school? I thought I would go mad! I have been thinking about this for 10 years now. I haven’t started just out of sheer laziness. If I don’t do it now, I will never do it!

Where are you starting your classes?

I have taken a place on rent. It is right next to my house (in Sainik Farms). I am just starting with a room. Till now, it has just been word of mouth but now I am going to start seriously. I have decided to start small and then hopefully, go big. The thing is that if I do the reverse, it doesn’t work for me. I don’t work well under pressure. If you want to start huge, you have to take on a lot of people just for the heck of it.

What will you be teaching?

I have three categories — learning to do your own make-up, helping you understand your face and helping you do as many looks as you want. All in four days.

There will also be grooming classes and modelling (lessons) for 10 to 12 days each. I just want to be able to take on whoever I think is right for modelling, even if that is just one person. I should feel that they can do it. If you are 4”2’ and want to be a ramp model, you cannot! But if you want to be a press model, I will tell you, ‘yes’, and I will tell you honestly.

Have you designed the courses yourself?

Yes, I have and I will look at individuals as individuals. I won’t look at them as a batch. Each one’s features are different and so are their requirements. So, I want to be there and do it personally. That will add value to my class. I feel maybe I have the gift of understanding what a person needs or where the problem lies.

Make-up tips

Understand your face.
Understand the equipment. Know the different brushes and learn how to use them.
The best way to remove make-up is with a damp earbud.

Grooming tips

The most important thing about grooming is being realistic. See who you are and what you need. If you are going to meet people or are heading for a party, there shouldn’t be price tags on the sole of your shoe.

Also, your nails should be clean. Your nail polish should not be chipped. And you have to know what kind of fabrics work in what kind of climatic conditions. You will find Bengalis wearing silk in summer. Why? It looks expensive! But it doesn’t go with the weather. And yes, be aware of your body odour.

Model and actress Dijana Dejanov

Chambor lip gloss. Natural is the colour for me.

Maybelline mascara. Lakme eyebrow pencil for my non-existent brows! I cannot go anywhere without it.

I always wear my Esprit watch. That’s a must. I like men’s watches… a little smaller in size though.

Burberry Sport perfume. It has to be oh-so-fresh.